Verdicts Piling Up in Johnson & Johnson Talc Lawsuits: Could I make a claim?

Verdicts Piling Up in Johnson & Johnson Talc Lawsuits: Could I make a claim?

James R. Faucher

Earlier this month, a California Jury returned a $417 million dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson in favor of a woman who developed ovarian cancer as a result of using J&J’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene since childhood.  This is latest in a string of massive verdicts against the Pharmaceutical giant.  The first talc award against J&J was handed down in St. Louis state court in February 2016, with the jury ordering J&J to pay $72 million.  Since then there were 5 additional trials, one of which resulted in a defense verdict, the 4 of which resulted in awards ranging from $55 million to $110 million.

The Talc lawsuits are based on allegations that J&J has been aware of the link between talc and ovarian cancer for decades, but hid that information, and failed to put an adequate warning on its Baby Powder product.  Over several decades, many, many women have used this product without the knowledge that it may cause cancer.

To be able to pursue a talc lawsuit, you must have evidence that you used J&J’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene over an extended period of time, typically more than 5 years.  The best type of evidence would be old receipts, bottles, or pictures, but your own testimony about your use could be enough.  You also need to have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, or cancer of the fallopian tube.   If you or a loved one have been affected by J&J’s Baby Powder, call the Greensboro Law Center for a free consultation.  There are time limits to make a claim, so don’t delay.

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