Roundup Lawsuits

Monsanto and Bayer’s product Roundup is a hidden force that’s behind everything we eat. It is so widely used that the herbicide became the most heavily-used agricultural chemical in the world. Americans alone have used about 1.8 millions tons of Roundup since it was first introduced in the 1970s.  Roundup had real-world consequences on workers and American who were exposed to high levels of Roundup on a daily basis.  Those who claim to have suffered from unexpected side effects after being exposed to Roundup are pursuing lawsuits against Monsanto and Bayer (the company that purchased Monsanto).  A jury in May entered a verdict in excess of 2 Billion dollars in favor of a couple who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma as a result of long-term use of Roundup.

Understanding How Roundup Works

Unlike earlier herbicides, Roundup does not discriminate between weeds and crops. This means Monsanto recommends applying the weed killer right on the target. What makes the product so unique is that it is only supposed to target plants. Glyphosate attacks an enzyme called the EPSP synthase. By inhibiting the enzyme, essential growth proteins are no longer produced. This causes the plant to die within a few days. Since the enzyme is only found in plants, Monsanto suggests Roundup is safe for people and pets.
Even in the face of conflicting information and disagreements among agencies, thousands of people continue to come forward to talk about how Roundup may have given them cancer. Those who have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma or other cancers after using Roundup are encouraged to contact a qualified attorney to find out more about pursuing legal action.
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