Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

Divorce Lawyers

Family matters are some of the most complex issues that we deal with. The splitting of a family is never easy, and every family is different, therefore every family law case is different.  It is important to work with divorce attorneys who are experienced in guiding families through the difficult process of separation and divorce. 

The separation and divorce process is rarely an easy one.  Our team of family lawyers is experienced in dealing with family law matters.  We take special care to guide each client through North Carolina family law and to clearly explain how separation and divorce will impact finances, belongings, child support and custody.

Family Law Attorneys

It is important to work with a legal team that you feel comfortable with and that you can trust.  At the Greensboro Law Center, forming that relationship with you is a top priority. Our experienced attorneys can handle a wide variety of issues, as seen in the extended list below of our practice areas and services that we provide while keeping in mind the personal nature of those matters. We will help guide you through the difficult process while aggressively representing your rights.

At the Greensboro law Center, we handle most issues that arise in family law matters. 

Below is a list of the most common areas that we address in family law cases:

Absolute Divorce



Child Custody


Divorce From Bed & Board

Domestic Violence

Equitable Distribution

Grandparent and Third Party Custody Rights

Legal Guardianship

Parental Rights Termination

Pre-marital Agreements

Post-nuptial Agreements

Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Separation Agreements

Spousal Support

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